Invited Speakers


Preliminary list of invited speakers:


Leon O. Chua - University of California, Berkeley (USA)

Everything you wish to know about memristors but are afraid to ask


Tomás Palacios - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston (USA) 

Gallium nitride, graphene and the new computing revolution


Fernando GuarínGlobal Foundries Inc., NY (USA)

Reliability challenges for leading edge silicon RF/mmWave technologies


Taiichi Otsuji - Tohoku University (Japan)

Emission and detection of terahertz radiation in graphene-based 2D electron devices


Frank Schwierz - Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany)

CMOS scaling - Where we are and where we are heading


Ramón Alcubilla - Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain)

Dopant free selective contacts for Silicon solar cells 


Gemma Gabriel - Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona, CNM-CSIC (Spain)

Technology and applications of organ-on-a-chip devices


Francisco Gámiz - University of Granada (Spain)

Embedded 1T-DRAM memory cells for Internet-of-Things devices


VIII Centenario de la Universidad de SalamancaUniversidad de Salamanca