Social program



 Tuesday 13th November, 20:00 h.

A welcome reception for the conference participants will be offered at the Hospedería Fonseca in the evening of Tuesday 13th November, starting at 20:00. This Get Together will allow you to meet colleagues and friends, all while enjoying some good food and drink. And don't miss the opportunity to taste the amazing ham from Salamanca.



Departure: 18:45 h from the congress venue, Hospedería Fonseca.
Wednesday 14th November
Duration: about 1h 30m.

Enjoy a pleasant walk through the city’s historic centre with the buildings lit up, including a visit to the Historical Building of the University.

A tapas-voucher will be provided to the participants to be used in a selection of bars, so that they can have an itinerant dinner in spanish style.


Palace of Figueroa (Casino)
Thursday 15th November, 20:30 h

Figueroa Palace is a Mid-16th-century palace built by Juan Rodríguez de Figueroa, member of Charles V´s and Felipe II´s courts, with two facades: one of the façades is framed by fluted columns with medallions of a man and a woman in the arch's tympanums and Saint George on the main balcony; and the other façade has a crowned figure on top.This palace, nowadays hosting the Casino of Salamanca, is located in Calle Zamora, just beside the Plaza Mayor (Major Square).



Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunches will be offered free of charge at the restaurant of the Colegio Fonseca, at 2 minutes walking distance from the conference room.

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